iOS 11 Drag-and-Drop for iPad is Our Favorite New Feature

iOS 11 Drag-and-Drop for iPad is Our Favorite New Feature

The iPhone X may be getting a lot of attention right now, but here in the TripIt office, we can’t stop talking about the updates to the iPad. What’s got us so excited? It’s the new iOS 11 drag-and-drop feature. For frequent travelers and multitaskers, we think it’s a game changer. I mean, how cool is this?

iOS 11 drag-and-drop for iPad


iOS 11 Drag-and-Drop

iPad users can now drag and drop items from Calendar, Maps, Safari, Contacts and Photos into their TripIt account. Using the iPad’s multitasking mode, travelers can search for a restaurant, hotel or other points of interest—then drag a selected item and drop it into TripIt. Calendar invites, photos, and contacts can also be instantly added to any trip.

TripIt’s newly revamped iPad app also includes an updated look and additional functionality designed to make it even easier to navigate the TripIt app. Enhancements include a new editing tool, additional ways to share your travel plans with others, the ability to store travel documents and more features (most of which were previously available on iPhone only).

With this iPad update, travelers can:

Look Up Travel Plans with Spotlight Search

Travelers who want to look up their travel plans can now access current or past trips from Spotlight search. Spotlight search can be used to look up a hotel they visited, or check when their flight takes off, for all current and upcoming trips as well as the previous 30 trips added to their TripIt account.


Get Where They’re Going, Faster

Popular TripIt features that were once only available on mobile phones are now available on the iPad. Travelers can easily find how to get from point A to point B with the Navigator tool, and quickly find ATMs and points of interest while traveling with Nearby Places.


TripIt Pro users will be able to use Go Now, a feature that tells travelers when it’s time to leave for the airport, from their iPads. If they are using their iPad while on a trip, they’ll also receive helpful terminal and gate reminders.


Gate to Rideshare

TripIt Pro’s interactive airport maps will now give you directions from your gate to the airport’s designated rideshare pickup area.


Even More New Features Now available on iPad:

  • Traveler profile
  • Facebook Camera
  • Selective Sharing
  • Screenshot Sharing (trip summary)
  • Navigator
  • Smart Suggestion (Hipmunk)
  • Tooltips
  • Locus Labs Interactive Maps
  • Airport Carousel
  • Redesigned plan details, trip summary, trips list
  • Editing/Autocomplete

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