Travel Tips: How to Get Through the Airport Faster

Travel Tips: How to Get Through the Airport Faster

5 Ways to Save Time at the Airport

With the holidays around the corner, it should come as no surprise that the airports will be getting busier. Don’t waste your valuable time standing in line at the airport. Find out how to get from the parking lot to the gate in record time.

Plan Your Parking

When the airport is busier than normal, you may not be able to park in your go-to parking lot. I personally spent nearly 20 minutes driving around the airport parking lots looking for a spot when flying out around a holiday. Consider taking an Uber or Lyft to the airport, instead of parking. If you can expense it, you may also look into valet parking.

Do Not Check a Bag

Carry-on only is the fastest way to travel. The closer it gets to the holidays, the longer the lines are at the baggage check. If you must check a bag, verify if you have any perks from your airline status or credit card that allow for faster baggage check.

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Pay for Expedited Security

Whether you choose TSA Pre-Check or CLEAR, you will not regret the cost when you are zipping through security when the wait time is 30+ minutes.  The other benefit to TSA Pre-Check and CLEAR is not taking off your shoes or removing your liquids from your bag- not only does this save you time, but everyone gets through faster, making the line move quickly.  If you decide not to pay for expedited security, use the TSA app to see what the wait times are before heading to the airport.

Prepare for Security

As you get closer to the front of the security line, make sure you have your ID out (in your hand) and your boarding pass pulled up on your phone (or printed). There is nothing more annoying than waiting in line behind someone who has to dig these items out after they get to the front.

BYOS- Bring Your Own Snacks

Pack your own snacks. The lines at the Hudson News and similar stores can sometimes be really long-especially in smaller airports. Not only will packing your own snacks save you time, it will save you money. And for the healthy travelers, this ensures you can pack healthy snacks and skip the junk food. Wondering what food you can take through security? Check out TSA Food Rules and Regulations.

How do you save time at the airport? Please comment below.

save time at the airport

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